Superb building materials and construction quality of Mayfair Collection

mayfair collection

Singapore – What could be the most desired and largest lifetime investment for ordinary citizens? To be able of owning multiple real estate properties and live in a life of luxury with your loved ones? Well, the answer is pretty clear cut provided you’re not residing in a rented property to begin with.

However, the option of buying a vacant/occupied land parcel and build them yourself is almost out of the question to an ordinary folk like us. To make matters worse, buying one is even more difficult now with the recent heavy-handed cooling measures on our real estate industry scene. For those who are able and prefer to live in a landed property regardless of location should consider buying a piece of land and construct your house accordingly to any possible fengshui plans, direction and so forth that you may have. This will be the only option one can have more control over their residence.

Even then, you will still encounter many issues pertaining this choice. From finding a good and reliable construction company to the issuance of relevant permits for work commencement. Apart from that, maintaining the huge house will be the second most annoying issue for most if not all.

On the other hand, as with most of us, we could probably only look at the ones that were built by the developers regardless of their quality and there is nothing we can do about. However, we’ve since stumbled across what could be the best as heard and mentioned on several social channels recently. The Mayfair Collection by Oxley Holdings, it is a new residential development along Rifle Range Road, Upper Bukit Timah and this new development could be the exception. According to the market experts view, their building material and construction technology certifications prove the highest possible standard and special techniques will be used on this project.

Which building materials were used?

The design and construction team of the Mayfair Collection condo had paid a lot of special attention to the choice of sustainability and eco-friendly building materials. Lightweight construction, great U-values of the windows, walls, roofing as well as the appropriate choice of colours regarding the climate are its greatest unique selling points.

The whole tower building structure was designed perfectly so that the interior stays protected from the unwanted heatwave. This powerful system lowers the energy consumption required, benefiting both the environment and the residents. Electricity bills will therefore be significantly lower due to the excellent thermal properties by lowering the energy needed for cooling.

So, we have an option now and the choice is yours for further exploration into this new project.

Stirling Residences – A Great Investment at the Right Time

Have you heard about the latest billion-dollar project in Queenstown? Are you excited about being able to invest in Singapore’s next best and biggest residential development project? If yes, you will surely find Stirling Residences interesting. According to recent market talks, this new condo development by Nanshan Group and Logan Property is one of the best residential projects in town. It plays a significant role within the Queenstown Planning area. This district 03 region features numerous household development projects and Stirling road condo is all about luxuriousness that can change your lifestyle by leaps and bounds. This is a great opportunity for first-time home buyers and ambitious investors. After all, you are about to own a property in one of Singapore’s established and most mature neighborhoods.

stirling residences

The Beginning of Stirling Residences

This new development will be an iconic project in Stirling Road. It comes from a powerful and an interesting background. To begin with, the land upon which this project is developed was sold by Urban Redevelopment Authority. This piece of land played a vital role in the Government Land Sales Program. This program is responsible for planning and developing Queenstown.

The competition for Stirling Residences was remarkably high with many ventures fighting neck to neck on this land bid. Logan Property Holdings and Nanshan Group (Singapore) emerged victoriously. They secured the site at a price of SGD 1.003 billion. Till date, this is the highest bidding price the Government Land Sales Program has seen for a residential project. This residential project covers more than 200,000 square feet area and it is specially designated for more than a thousand homes in Queenstown, a major development project in the vicinity.

The Project and its Details

It is believed that the entire development will have more than enough communal areas for the new residents to mingle with. Facilities included for building a strong rapport among neighbors are grilling stations, stunning swimming pools, a majestic tennis court and a few green pockets as the project features numerous landscaping areas. These areas are designed to help friends/relatives and residents to enjoy their stay while they’re at Stirling Residences.

The developers are keen on providing plenty of places where residents can relax effortlessly. The apartments are categorized into five different types. You will come across apartments with 1,2,3,4 and 5 bedrooms. Thus, there is an apartment for all types of family profile. Both young couples and bigger family nucleus will find an apartment here easily.

If you are searching for the best condo unit that overlooks the Sentosa Sea, you will have a few choices within the development. Those dwelling units on higher floors that depict true luxury and some of the units are fantastically designed to face the Hilltop Parks too!

Additional Benefits

“Location” is a key selling point of Stirling Residences. There are so many supermarkets, schools and healthcare facilities around this project. You will be able to buy anything comfortably within easy reach. Whether you want a friendly neighborhood or a place for fresh ingredients, everything is located near your residence. Some of the best supermarkets around this project would be NTUC and Cold Storage. These outlets are located a few minutes away from your home sweet home.

Rare Freehold 3 Cuscaden Walk Condo by Sustained Land

Singapore Freehold Orchard Properties – Your marriage is a contract like no others that you have ever signed. It would be this reason that you will have to overcome all the challenges in order to make it last for many years to come. While you’re talking about marriage, you would certainly need to look out for a comfortable living space for both you and your partner. In that case, the newest and rare freehold 3 Cuscaden walk condo by Sustained Land will seem like a good fit for you.

It will be lifting away a lot of the conflicts and headaches that would otherwise come with owning a public housing (HDB). Apart from that, you will also be able to lead a very enjoyable and luxurious lifestyle with your loved ones in the heart of Orchard road.

It could probably be one of the main reason that you will see yourself living in a condo as a growing trend amongst newlyweds, professionals and small families. So, if you’re thinking along the same lines for yourself and your partner, it would seem like a good idea to explore further on this new freehold condo development along Cuscaden walk.

Cost efficient living at Cuscaden Walk Singapore

Even if you are able to find a lot of people who disagree on this statement, but by living in 3 Cuscaden Walk condo, you will actually see more cost savings in the long run. This is because, you are owning the property yourself rather than renting a living space from others. In other words, it will also mean that you would be free from doing any outdoor task such as repainting the old gates, maintaining outdoor structural works and many other trivial issues. All of this will be easily taken care of by the condo MCST.

Less traveling gives you more precious time

Thanks to owning a freehold 3 Cuscaden walk condo, you will be able to enjoy more bonding time with your family every day. This is also something which will come as a huge benefit since our lives have become so crazy and hectic in this modern era. This latest condo development by Sustained Land is opposite Wheelock Place and being situated near business districts and other international establishments, you will have everything within short walking distance in orchard road as well. It will also mean that you’ll have to spend less time commuting from one place to another after a tiring day at work. As a result, you will be reaping the benefits in getting more quality time to spend with your significant other. Apart from that, you will also be able to lay back and relax with them, thanks to all the great amenities and facilities such as sauna and swimming pools.

Best Security along 3 Cuscaden Walk, Orchard

Lastly, you will also be able to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep with your family. All thanks to the designated security being provided at 3 Cuscaden walk condo. By having a solid round the clock, top security in your condo development, you will be able to get to every facility during the night and in all the common areas as well. In short, it would mean that you will not need to face the hassle of installing additional security lightings or any outdoor surveillance cameras to protect against any illegal trespassing.

The Opus Condo Singapore

The opus condo singapore

The Opus Condo Singapore

In conditions of running a residential in Singapore marketplace, you would find The Opus Condo Singapore to be a very ideal option. This is due to having the whole place for your real goodness and there will also be a lot of various privileges that you can participate and appreciate in.

In the event that you feel confused and or amused pertaining to the entire buying process, it is only a normal and knee jerk reaction and you will feel more and more relax after the intense moment fades off to the background forever. Because investing in a home would probably be the biggest ticket item you would have purchased in your whole lifetime. No? You will certainly hope to get it right during the first try and to receive the peace of mind feeling for your money.

Price of The Opus Condo

Among the highlights of running a condominium in The Opus Condo Singapore will be the attractive price City Developments would be releasing. The main reason for this case would be the easy down payment in owning this private condo. Therefore, you will have the ability to do much more with a bigger edge against anyone that would be able to do at a later stage. It would certainly be a blessing in disguise to be able to own the freehold condo rather than renting it from someone else and paying off their principal amount altogether.

The Opus Surrounding

If you’re the type of person where running outdoor is in the to-do list, you would be very excited to learn that east coast park is just your neighbour. You can run as and when you wanted by the park or by the sandy beaches like bay watch drama episode. No one will really look at you as everyone else will be doing the same over there, you will probably meet your own friends there while jogging in the evening. Isn’t it cool?

Indoor Facilities

Even if you’re feeling that little tired and decided not to jog out there once in a while, you will be able to enjoy the facilities already offered to the residents of the opus condo. Such as the indoor gym, tennis court, swimming pool, relaxing jacuzzi, cozy club house and peaceful gardens with beautiful landscaping. You could even invite your friends for a BBQ as grilling pits will be provided for within the high-end condo as well.

Brief Summary

All we can say is, if you’re looking forward to owning a freehold condo at amber road, Katong. The opus condo Singapore will be one of the best in the entire region there. It will be developed by the branded City Developments Limited. One of the largest private property firm in South-East Asia. You won’t go wrong in choosing the quality home built by them in the long run as their portfolio is solidly enough to prove their stand as one of the best. You deserve nothing but the best!


Margaret Ville by MCL Land Regency Pte Ltd


Margaret Ville by MCL Land Regency Pte Ltd

MCL Land Regency to Launch Margaret Ville Condo

MCL Land has successfully acquired the land parcel at Margaret Drive, during Government Land Sales open tender through their wholly-owned subsidiary MCL Land Regency Pte Ltd. They have since name the development as Margaret Ville Condo which is a 99 years leasehold property located at Margaret Drive, and along Commonwealth Avenue Singapore.

Although MCL Land Regency have yet to obtain the approval from the relevant bodies before putting the details up but they have spoken on the possibilities of having not more than 300 dwellings within the condo building. There will however be a wide option for buyers to cherry pick as the locale will be appealing to many people across the board. Such as including a smaller apartment size of about 500 square feet for the hungry investors to a bigger apartment size of about 1450 square feet.

Apart from this new condo launch in the area, there are also a few others in the immediate vicinity such as Commonwealth Towers (100% fully sold), Queens Peak (>90% sold), Artra (>50% sold) and several other older developments. If you’ve seen the above projects but couldn’t find a suitable home, do not miss this great opportunity coming your way very soon in the next 2 months.

In collaboration with top award-winning architecture firm in Singapore for Margaret Ville Condo and with more than 50 years of experience in this field by MCL Land, you can be assured of the best combination from the two organizations.

Based on the initial drawing from the architecture firm, the entire development will be on an elevated ground with a grandeur and ultimate majestic main lobby to wow any visitors of yours to the place. Set by an ultra-modern and everlasting champagne coloured fins on the building façade, it will certainly be a very prominent landmark in this area.

The other winning attributes of this Margaret Ville development will be in extreme close-proximity to two major MRT stations. You will be able to reach them by foot in a few minutes’ walk. Coupled with a strong bus network connectivity right at your door step, they could bring you into the central business district (CBD) should the train network breaks down again during the morning or evening rush hours and that could be the winning formula to get to work at the appropriate time and also get to reach home for dinner with your family as soon as you could.

Amber 45 Singapore by UOL Group

amber 45 condo featured

Amber 45 – Diagonally opposite amber gardens, was once a piece of land being used by a homegrown landscape gardening and floral nursery business including horticulture management. Ban Nee Chen Pte Ltd, a well-known company already in operation for the past 3 decades in the local marketplace will in no time make way for a brand-new contemporary and high end private residential development.

This plot of freehold land was initially kept aside by a local builder Sin Lai Huat Co. and UOL Group Limited quietly snapped up the site via a private treaty sale agreement back in Jan 2017. Way ahead before the current en-bloc fever rages on and at a purchase price of $156 million or else the base price would have gone up significantly thus affecting the future selling price point.

If you are not familiar about the location of this brand-new condominium, it is situated ideally in between The SeaView condominium and The Shore residence (right in front of katong shopping center). A fairly petite and palatable piece of property at about the size of Mercedes-Benz showroom, a 70000 square feet development.

Amber 45 Singapore, having an existing 2.1 plot ratio based on Urban Redevelopment Authority’s 2014 Master Plan (URA), UOL Group will be developing it into a solo tower of super swanky and extravagance looking façade among the ordinary neighbours. Superbly conceptualized by ADDP architects, an award-winning top architect firm in Singapore, it will be housing about 139 private abodes in a twenty-one storey tall premises including amenities and services such as lap pool, fitness center and a green tennis court.

In addition to that, top programmer will be engaged and to incorporate an intelligent living atmosphere for all the families here by introducing the most recent advanced technological products into the super high-end project.

Nevertheless, you will most probably be in tears should you’re looking forward to buying a smaller sized apartment layout in this condominium for long term investment simply because there isn’t any kind of 1-bedroom unit within this development at all.

They will be releasing from 2-bedroom configurations rather as a solitary 1-bedroom, because it is no longer in the craze and demand from our local real estate scene. Most of the buyers were not proud of their prized possession when they are holding on to their very small home size property.

However, the area in amber road is already a champion itself by default, an extremely sought-after housing district in the eastern part of the island. A private residential neighbourhood with the Marine Parade planning area, a prime district 15 address. It was initially situated next to the coastline, but the government have executed a reclamation work and it was carried out from the current east coast park to make up for the shortage of land in the 1960s.

Katong, a place with many Peranakans was also the favoured area of many humongous villas and giant mansions belonging to the high net worth families in the late 19th century.

If you have been dreaming of owning a piece of prize property in this exclusive area and also be a part of this rich culture history, this will be your best chance now when amber 45 condo is underway to completion sooner than other projects around the vicinity.


The Myth of Real Estate Agent Branding

Real Estate Agent Branding

Most home purchasers and sellers begin the procedure loaded with questions. In spite of the fact that it might appear like a big task to instruct them about the intricate details of the procedure, providing this training is your best chance to gain their trust, and afterward their business.

There are many telemarketing channels. Some channels are expensive and not successful, some not exorbitant and not compelling, some reasonable and powerful. Now clearly, there are few things in the world less agonizing than spending more cash than you need to and we understand that selling property can be costly which includes lawful charges, bookkeeping expenses, etc.

Real Estate Agent Branding

No website is required:

Having a real estate agent website makes it possible to supply these potential customers with data they are searching for and build up an association in doing as such. As indicated by studies, 12% of home purchasers begin their journey with an online pursuit to find out about the general home purchasing process. In particular, Realtors should try to incorporate a blog on their web page. A blog is a perfect stage for sharing accommodating content, and it can likewise enable you to create best of mind awareness with your site guests.

No real estate agent is required:

A real estate agent’s all day work is to act as a contact amongst purchasers and sellers. This implies he or she will have simple access to every single other property recorded by different operators. Both the purchaser’s and seller’s operator work all day as land specialists, and they realize what should be done to get it together. For instance, if you are hoping to purchase a home, a land operator will find homes that meet your criteria, connect with seller’s specialists and make arrangements for you to see the homes.

Importance of staging a home:

A well-staged home is stylishly satisfying. Everything looks welcoming, agreeable, and basic. It inspires a forceful feeling from purchasers. Possibly you never had a decorator, and you’ve done it all yourself. Those botanical shades in the room, the format of the photos over the lounge room couch, the furniture position in the family room or the overlarge seat in the cave, everything works for you which is awesome. However, a stage may very well show you “better” which is something you can bring with you to your new home.

Finding the best agent is impossible:

There are a lot of sites that will intimate best real estate agent to you, yet that is no affirmation of value. The operators they refer are the individuals who have paid the site proprietors a charge to be recorded in their catalog. Go to those sites and look into profiles of individual operators at workplaces close you. Specialists who are experienced will let you know on display on their sites, however more current agents may have more opportunity to go through with you. Search for client surveys.

Real Estate Growth in Singapore

Real Estate Growth in Singapore

After a long, stumbling downtrend, Singapore’s real estate business sector might assemble powers for a bounce back. Sigrid Zialcita, overseeing executive for Asia Pacific research at Cushman and Wakefield, told CNBC’s “The Rundown”, that she expected a defining moment in costs “soon.” She indicated the government’s current move to facilitate some of its controls on the part as the explanation behind the market’s evolving fortunes. “That really helped the market. We’ve seen an expansion in foot traffic activity and it’s boosting a lot of purchasers,” she said. Others additionally noticed that the administration’s choice to relax the reins might stimulate more property action.

Real Estate Growth in Singapore

Real estate costs in Singapore keep falling, yet demand is rising firmly. Homebuilder sentiment is likewise enhancing, after a fractional unwinding of market-cooling measures. The private property record fell by 2.77% during the year to Q1 2017, its thirteenth continuous quarter value falls, as indicated by the Urban Redevelopment Authority (URA). At the point when balanced for inflation, house costs really fell by 3.45% during this period. During the most recent quarter (i.e., q-o-q in Q1 2017), private costs fell by 0.36%.

Private property costs could start bottoming out over the following couple of quarters, inciting a moderate recovery from 2018. There would not be any facilitating of cooling measures until one year from now at the most punctual, as indicated by industry specialists at a property showcase class sorted out by the Real Estate Developers’ Association (Reda) yesterday.

Residential property prices could begin bottoming out over the next few quarters, prompting a “moderate” recovery from 2018. There would not be any easing of cooling measures until next year at the earliest, according to industry experts at a property market seminar organized by the Real Estate Developers’ Association (REDAS).

In the mass market space, the growth in demand will keep on being moderate with progressive value alterations given the supply shade and policy measures, he included. The private rental market will likewise keep on remaining delicate.

 According to the Ministry of Trade and Industry, Singapore’s economy expanded by an unassuming 2.5% in Q1 2017. The economy relied upon to develop by 2.2% this year, in the wake of growing by 2% in 2016, 1.9% out of 2015, 3.6% of every 2014, 5% out of 2013, 3.9% out of 2012, 6.2% out of 2011, and 15.2% out of 2010, as indicated by the IMF.


Private home costs in Singapore surged more than 60% after the worldwide monetary crisis in 2009 to the peak of 2013.

Since then, costs have declined 9.4% over 11 successive quarters to register the longest losing streak on record, as indicated by second-quarter streak evaluates by the Urban Redevelopment Authority.