Rare Freehold 3 Cuscaden Walk Condo by Sustained Land

Singapore Freehold Orchard Properties – Your marriage is a contract like no others that you have ever signed. It would be this reason that you will have to overcome all the challenges in order to make it last for many years to come. While you’re talking about marriage, you would certainly need to look out for a comfortable living space for both you and your partner. In that case, the newest and rare freehold 3 Cuscaden walk condo by Sustained Land will seem like a good fit for you.

It will be lifting away a lot of the conflicts and headaches that would otherwise come with owning a public housing (HDB). Apart from that, you will also be able to lead a very enjoyable and luxurious lifestyle with your loved ones in the heart of Orchard road.

It could probably be one of the main reason that you will see yourself living in a condo as a growing trend amongst newlyweds, professionals and small families. So, if you’re thinking along the same lines for yourself and your partner, it would seem like a good idea to explore further on this new freehold condo development along Cuscaden walk.

Cost efficient living at Cuscaden Walk Singapore

Even if you are able to find a lot of people who disagree on this statement, but by living in 3 Cuscaden Walk condo, you will actually see more cost savings in the long run. This is because, you are owning the property yourself rather than renting a living space from others. In other words, it will also mean that you would be free from doing any outdoor task such as repainting the old gates, maintaining outdoor structural works and many other trivial issues. All of this will be easily taken care of by the condo MCST.

Less traveling gives you more precious time

Thanks to owning a freehold 3 Cuscaden walk condo, you will be able to enjoy more bonding time with your family every day. This is also something which will come as a huge benefit since our lives have become so crazy and hectic in this modern era. This latest condo development by Sustained Land is opposite Wheelock Place and being situated near business districts and other international establishments, you will have everything within short walking distance in orchard road as well. It will also mean that you’ll have to spend less time commuting from one place to another after a tiring day at work. As a result, you will be reaping the benefits in getting more quality time to spend with your significant other. Apart from that, you will also be able to lay back and relax with them, thanks to all the great amenities and facilities such as sauna and swimming pools.

Best Security along 3 Cuscaden Walk, Orchard

Lastly, you will also be able to enjoy a peaceful night’s sleep with your family. All thanks to the designated security being provided at 3 Cuscaden walk condo. By having a solid round the clock, top security in your condo development, you will be able to get to every facility during the night and in all the common areas as well. In short, it would mean that you will not need to face the hassle of installing additional security lightings or any outdoor surveillance cameras to protect against any illegal trespassing.