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Wednesday 31 March 2010 by Asietralala

Chinese Proverbs

- When we got to the purpose of its voyage, said that the road was good. (Chinese proverb)

- To make, a thousand days are not enough to hurt, one day enough. (Chinese proverb)

- Only the eyes of others that we may well see its faults. (Chinese proverb)

- The work of thought is similar to drilling a well, water is cloudy at first, then it becomes clearer. (Chinese proverb)

- A man is not good for anything, but it is never to own anything. (Chinese proverb)

- Run the buck to tame the beast and the anger of the man calm. (Chinese proverb)

- He who adds new knowledge to old, is the true teacher. (Chinese proverb)

- The heart of the perfect man is like a sea which can not discover the distant shores. (Chinese proverb)

- The chat is the scum of the water, the action is a drop of gold. (Chinese proverb)

- The world is a sea, our heart is the shore. (Chinese proverb)

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