Pho, or soup recipe tonkinoise (traditional recipe)

Friday 15 February 2008 by Asietralala

Recipe Vietnamese / Vietnamese Cuisine

Pho, or soup recipe tonkinoise (traditional recipe bourgeois)

— 1kg 300 meat to "pot au feu" but not too fat
— 500 grams of red meat steak cut into thin strips
— 1 large bone marrow
— 1 crushed fresh ginger
— 3 or 4 beef broth
— 1 teaspoon of five perfumes
— 1 grilled onion
— 2 raw onions cut into thin strips
— Coriander or Chinese parsley coarsely cut
— 3 or 4 tablespoons fish sauce
— 1 / 3 teaspoons shave salt
— Vietnamese rice vermicelli (medium size) that you will leave beforehand soaked in cold water

— 3 or 4 star anise

— Fill half of water a large pot the size of a slow cooker and add ... to bone marrow + symbol flat ginger crushed+ five perfumes + grilled onion +salt + star anise
Enabling high heat, checking out
— When there was nothing more to add ... checking out the beef broth previously melted in hot water + fish sauce and simmer over medium heat. Taste the dish and meat as soon as you deem it is cooked to your liking cad, your broth will be ok.
— 1 / 2 hours before serving, to facilitate the service, available in a base red meat, raw onion, parsley and flat Chinese symbol charged in thin lamellae.
— Remove rice noodles with cold water, cook, Let drain and put them into each bowl.
— Then put on top of the dish symbol + red meat and pour the broth over
— Then add the onion raw + and Chinese parsley before serving a small bumper pepper.

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