Stirling Residences – A Great Investment at the Right Time

Have you heard about the latest billion-dollar project in Queenstown? Are you excited about being able to invest in Singapore’s next best and biggest residential development project? If yes, you will surely find Stirling Residences interesting. According to recent market talks, this new condo development by Nanshan Group and Logan Property is one of the best residential projects in town. It plays a significant role within the Queenstown Planning area. This district 03 region features numerous household development projects and Stirling road condo is all about luxuriousness that can change your lifestyle by leaps and bounds. This is a great opportunity for first-time home buyers and ambitious investors. After all, you are about to own a property in one of Singapore’s established and most mature neighborhoods.

stirling residences

The Beginning of Stirling Residences

This new development will be an iconic project in Stirling Road. It comes from a powerful and an interesting background. To begin with, the land upon which this project is developed was sold by Urban Redevelopment Authority. This piece of land played a vital role in the Government Land Sales Program. This program is responsible for planning and developing Queenstown.

The competition for Stirling Residences was remarkably high with many ventures fighting neck to neck on this land bid. Logan Property Holdings and Nanshan Group (Singapore) emerged victoriously. They secured the site at a price of SGD 1.003 billion. Till date, this is the highest bidding price the Government Land Sales Program has seen for a residential project. This residential project covers more than 200,000 square feet area and it is specially designated for more than a thousand homes in Queenstown, a major development project in the vicinity.

The Project and its Details

It is believed that the entire development will have more than enough communal areas for the new residents to mingle with. Facilities included for building a strong rapport among neighbors are grilling stations, stunning swimming pools, a majestic tennis court and a few green pockets as the project features numerous landscaping areas. These areas are designed to help friends/relatives and residents to enjoy their stay while they’re at Stirling Residences.

The developers are keen on providing plenty of places where residents can relax effortlessly. The apartments are categorized into five different types. You will come across apartments with 1,2,3,4 and 5 bedrooms. Thus, there is an apartment for all types of family profile. Both young couples and bigger family nucleus will find an apartment here easily.

If you are searching for the best condo unit that overlooks the Sentosa Sea, you will have a few choices within the development. Those dwelling units on higher floors that depict true luxury and some of the units are fantastically designed to face the Hilltop Parks too!

Additional Benefits

“Location” is a key selling point of Stirling Residences. There are so many supermarkets, schools and healthcare facilities around this project. You will be able to buy anything comfortably within easy reach. Whether you want a friendly neighborhood or a place for fresh ingredients, everything is located near your residence. Some of the best supermarkets around this project would be NTUC and Cold Storage. These outlets are located a few minutes away from your home sweet home.

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