Superb building materials and construction quality of Mayfair Collection

Singapore – What could be the most desired and largest lifetime investment for ordinary citizens? To be able of owning multiple real estate properties and live in a life of luxury with your loved ones? Well, the answer is pretty clear cut provided you’re not residing in a rented property to begin with.

However, the option of buying a vacant/occupied land parcel and build them yourself is almost out of the question to an ordinary folk like us. To make matters worse, buying one is even more difficult now with the recent heavy-handed cooling measures on our real estate industry scene. For those who are able and prefer to live in a landed property regardless of location should consider buying a piece of land and construct your house accordingly to any possible fengshui plans, direction and so forth that you may have. This will be the only option one can have more control over their residence.

Even then, you will still encounter many issues pertaining this choice. From finding a good and reliable construction company to the issuance of relevant permits for work commencement. Apart from that, maintaining the huge house will be the second most annoying issue for most if not all.

On the other hand, as with most of us, we could probably only look at the ones that were built by the developers regardless of their quality and there is nothing we can do about. However, we’ve since stumbled across what could be the best as heard and mentioned on several social channels recently. The Mayfair Collection by Oxley Holdings, it is a new residential development along Rifle Range Road, Upper Bukit Timah and this new development could be the exception. According to the market experts view, their building material and construction technology certifications prove the highest possible standard and special techniques will be used on this project.

Which building materials were used?

The design and construction team of the Mayfair Collection condo had paid a lot of special attention to the choice of sustainability and eco-friendly building materials. Lightweight construction, great U-values of the windows, walls, roofing as well as the appropriate choice of colours regarding the climate are its greatest unique selling points.

The whole tower building structure was designed perfectly so that the interior stays protected from the unwanted heatwave. This powerful system lowers the energy consumption required, benefiting both the environment and the residents. Electricity bills will therefore be significantly lower due to the excellent thermal properties by lowering the energy needed for cooling.

So, we have an option now and the choice is yours for further exploration into this new project.

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